maandag 30 januari 2012

Hi sweeties!
Today I woke up and when I walked out the door.. there was snow!! Not really much of snow, but just a little. I like snow, it looks really cute! But I don't like slipping with my bike, or frozen fingers. I hope tomorrow there will be more snow! You can also take really pretty pictures in the snow =D (also with a lot of sunshine).

Well, after cycling through the snow, I went to school. When I finally arrived, people told me that it began at 10:00 in stead of 9:00! Grrr.. So I had to wake that early to figure that out?! So yeah.. I didn't really like that part. I was also really tired, so when the presentation started, I fell asleep haha! I slept for like an hour or something! Haha the girl who was sitting next to me told me that I slept cute, hahaha! But time I was awake it wasn't really interesting.. I guess that's why I fell asleep.

Hihi I also wore really relaxed clothes. Not a jogging pants or something, but a nice vest! 

After being in school, I made some homework (yes, I really did!!) and tomorrow I have to wake up early AGAIN! So I'm going to sleep right now.. I hope the lesson of tomorrow will start at 8:20 in stead of 9:20 without me knowing.. But I guess I'll be fine =]

xoxo Elo <3

zondag 29 januari 2012

My weekend

Hi sweeties,
Friday, was the last day with my projectgroup. We took a (last?) picture together and then I went to the dentist. Luckily I had no holes in my teeth, haha! After that, I went to Robin and in the evening I went to Barbara. A few days ago she fell with her scooter. So I decided to bring her some Arnica (a cream that restores bruising). We watched GTST (that's a serie in Holland) and after that I went home.

Saturday, I first dropped all my stuff at Robins place (because I would stay there that night) after that, I had to work from 13:00 till 18:00. Then I went to Robin again and there was a party going on because.. IT WAS SANNE HER B-DAY!! Hihi, I didn't really had much time to buy a nice present for her, so I decided to do something special. I had made a crazy poam for her and I also made a voucher by myself for a shoppingday together!

Hihi, we call each other "The reapers" because we once made a song that's called: "We're reaping this song".

This was my voucher for her!
Her party was really nice! There were cupcakes with 16 on it everywhere and there were chips and marshmallows! <3 When it was like 23:00 Sanne and her friends went to a disco. I went upstaires to put Robins sister (Eline) in her bed. After that I read her a story and then she fell asleep. I borrowed a book from her to read it by myself while Robin was gaming haha. When I read two chapters I fell asleep. Robin hugged me awake and after he had put a mattress on the floor, we fell asleep together.

Sunday, me and Robin woke up and had breakfast together. He had watched me while I was asleep, he said I was really cute while I was sleeping, haha! After a long and hot shower I went to my work (16:00-18:00) then I went home and eat something. After that I was skyping with my mum. It's always nice to talk to her, she's my favorite <3

Hihi that was my weekend! I really wanted to show you the last picture of me and my project group but the guy who made it wasn't able to give me that picture yet.. So as soon as I've got that picture, I will show it to you!

Now I'm going to sleep I guess. Because tomorrow I have to wake up early for school. It will be the first day of a new project, with a new projectgroup. I hope this group will be as nice (or nicer) as my projectgroup from last week!

Xoxo Elo <3

vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Hi guys!
So today I posted the video, which I promised to make. It was really fun filming the dancing people and stuff! I also enjoyed the editing of the movie. And most of all I liked, no I LOVED the people I was working with. I never really like working in a group, because your work always depends on other people. But this really was the first time that I enjoyed working together! I know these people only for a few days, but I already see them as friends <3

After working on our project, I went to my boyfriends school to wait for him and to edit my video. I was there for like two hours! And those chairs.. awful! My but is still hurting.. =[

But let me show you all what I've been wearing this rainy and cloudy day:

This evening (a few hours ago) my boyfriend visited me and we tried to get my BlackBerry on again..

AND IT WORKED!!! LIKE OMFG!!! OMFG!! OMFG!!! OMFG!!! <-- This means that I'm happy
Soooo, I you're fucking stupid.. (like me) and you decide one day: "Oh my god I'm so stupid, let's throw my phone in the toilet because it's cool" (that's not how it went with me, haha). BUT if your doing this (or something else) lay it down in rice. Omg rice really is my hero!

The next time I'll get rice for dinner, I'll eat two plates of it! I just can't believe how lucky I am!

So remember...
One day your rice could be your hero!

Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

donderdag 26 januari 2012

Hi guys,
Yesterday I promised you that I would make a video today, and I did! So here is the dancevideo where I was talking about yesterday. Enjoy!

Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

OMG! My blog is viewed for a thousant times!


Hi dearest viewers in the whole wide world!!
OMG today I just reached a viewers count from 1000! I almost can't believe it! I started this blog on 20 November 2011, that's two months ago! And now I already have reached 1000 viewers!

I know some bloggers get a viewers count from more then 1000 a day. But I just started this blog, that means that there aren't really much people who know about my blog. So I think this is a really important thing for me! Perhaps within a few years my blog will reach a viewers count from 10000!!

Hihi, I'm really thankful that you all gave me the opportunity to reach this goal! So I decided that you all can ask me what you want to know about me. And I'll answer it honestly! Well, except for questions about my boobs, ass, passwords, sexual life and other things that are really private stuff to ask. Of course you can still ask me something about these private things, but I think I'll tell you again that I don't want to tell you ;)

So thank you dear viewers!! I love you and take care, because you're important to me! <3

woensdag 25 januari 2012

Hi guys!
Today my knee hurted so much, that I had to wear tights.. I wasn't able to wear my lovely skinny jeans =[ But with a dress I must say I looked nice, but it was really cold haha! Wait, I'll show you what I wore:

Hihi, after I left my home, I had missed my bus.. So I was a half hour too late.. When I finally arrived with my projectgroup we had a meeting with our coach. But she wasn't at the place where we had our meeting.. She told us the WRONG floor.. (7 instead of 5 -__-) When we finally met her, we talked like 5 minutes or something.. After that we had to wait for her AGAIN! But we didn't really mind because there was food!!! Hihi, we ate and drunk something and when she finally arived, we took our daily picture, yeahhh!! This time there are 2 pictures:

After our meeting we went to the "Albert Cuypstraat" again. But this time to film for our project. It was really fun to do, because we had to dance and stuff haha!

*soon there will be a video of us dancing below*

After that, we went to my schoolbuilding and worked on our project again. Then we all went home. When I turned on my laptop, I was looking at pictures. Suddenly I saw a map with "vakantie 2011" (vacation 2011) I opened this map and I immediately missing the summer! This was the best vacation I ever had! Because I was with the love of my life, his lovely family and I met Dagmar there!

Well, I guess I'm not the only one who's looking forward to the summer? 
I see summer, you say...?! (party)

Haha leave a comment with "party" if you want the summer right now! Leave a comment with "later" if you want to see snow first!

Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3
Hi sweeties,
Today I went to school to work with my lovely projectgroup on our project (like duhh!). We went to the "Albert Cuypstraat" and we took a few pictures from the market and stuff. And OMG I just wanted to buy some things but we were busy with or project, so it wasn't really nice if they were working and I was shopping haha! But I'll show you some pictures of today:

With THE projectgroup <3
Hihi, I thought this advertising bord was really funny!
I love street musicians if they play well (these ones did!)
Typically things that represents Holland!

Hmm don't they look delicious?!
You might think: Wow, that's a good quality! Yes it is! But unfortunately it's not my camera but Dena (a girl from my projectgroup) her camera. She also has got a blog, want to see it? Click over here. Haha, I promise you guys that, if I earned enough money, I'll buy a reflex camera! But then I have to SAVE my money for once, instead of SPENDING it on food, clothes, accessories etc.. Pff that's not easy for an shopaholic like me!

After walking through Amsterdam (which was not easy because my knee was still hurting) I traveled home with my lovely boyfriend. He's sooooo cute! Because of my knee I was hobbling and of course he was joking over me hahaha. But when we went downstaires (at Hoofddorp station) the stairs were really slippery so I almost fell! But luckily my boyfriend cathed me <3

I know it sound weird but after my slip, I was crying because I was shocked. I also thought: OMG first my knee and if I fell I might also broke my leg or something! But Robin consoled me and bought my favorite patato chips for me, haha! I'm so happy to have someone as dear as he is <3

Well I guess that's almost it. I've watched another episode of pretty little liars and soon I'll sleep haha! So at least I'll show you what I wore today (these pictures were made with my camera, because my BB is still in the rice haha!)

You puzzle me <3

Sleep well everyone and I hope I'll see you tomorrow!
xoxo Elo <3

dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Hi sweeties,
Today I went to school for the first project meeting. It was really nice, because all of my projectpeople are really really nice! So.. we have to make a flashmob. We thought about it and we want to do something to make people smile, without giving them money or something. We still have to work on our plans, but we're on a good way! We had also taken a picture of our group, which I will show you:

After our projectmeeting I went home. I had watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars and then.. I had to go to the toilet.. I was checking my twitter and facebook on my BlackBerry and at one moment, I dropped my BB into the toilet!! Like OMFG!!! Luckily our cleaner had cleaned the toilet a few hours ago, so that's for the better. But right now my BB is in a bowl of rice. My boyfriend said that was the only way to dry your BB. So I have to wait for 3 days until I can (hopely) use it again.. I hope that it will work again after those days, but I'm scared that I have to buy another phone =[

It's a little ironic because a few months ago, a girl told me that she dropped her BB into the toilet and I was thinking: OMG that's so stupid! How can that happen?! And now it is happening to me.. Hurray. I guess that's karma or something?

My bus was also late this morning (5 min.) so I still had 2 min. to get the train. I run really quick and then.. I fell on the escalator. And then.. there was a huge shame wound on my knee =[
And now I'm barely able to walk normal! It hurts with every step I take.. So you can say that today was my unlucky day..

And these things  always happen to me =[


Well I hope those things won't happen to you! But.. If you're ever dropping your phone in a toilet or something.. first REMOVE YOUR BATTERY!!!!!! I didn't.. So there might be a change that I have to buy a new one.. Poor me =[

But sleep well my dears!
xoxo Elo <3

zondag 22 januari 2012

My weekend

Hi guys,
Saturday I had to work from 8:00 till 17:00. That's 9 hours! But the chairs aren't really good at my work, so after a few hours my back hurted much =[
After that I went to my boyfriend and I stayed there for the night. We had watched the last Harry Potter movie. It was a really excited movie, but I didn't really liked it. My boyfriend also thought that it wasn't the best part of the Harry Potter movies. After the movie it was 4:30.. And I had to wake up the next morning at 11:00, hurray...

 I was wearing my red blazer and I received a lot of compliments about it! On the pictures above, you can see what I was wearing that day.

Sunday, I woke up at 11:00. I was really really REALLY tired.. But I had to talk with my dad, brother and my mother. As you might know, I don't really feel right at home. So we talked about it. I think it had worked a little. It was my mothers idea, she guided the conversation really good, I was so proud of her! <3

The conversation was in the "Van Der Valk Hotel". The environment was really pretty over there. After the conversation I went to the toiletroom and took pictures of my outfit over there, hihi!

In the evening my dad, stephmother and brother ate hamburgers and me and my sister ate pancakes <3
After dinner me and my sister were messing with the balloons (still there from here B-day). I made a few pictures. Haha take a look:

Haha she's so cute! She's wearing a dress of Snow White. She really adores that dress and she's always wearing it!

If you watched my last vid, you'll know that next week is my project week. I will be very busy with it. Of course I will still be posting, but I guess not as much as normally. So for the dutch people, here is my new vid about my life, enjoy!

I hope you all understand that I need to do my best for school!
Love you all <3
xoxo Elo

zaterdag 21 januari 2012

Hi guys!Today I went shopping with Barbara @Hoofddorp. It was really nice to see her again! We didn't really had much time, so that's why we were not able to visit a lot of shops. We went to the H&M, Bijou Brigitte, V&D and a store without a name..

The nameless store was really awesome! It had a lot of stuff for a low price. This is what it looks like:

The nameless store at Hoofddorp
We had dinner at la place (restaurant of the V&D) of course we ate bread with herbed cheese and chives! We are just in LOVE with these breads, because they are like really REALLY delicious! <3

Hungry yet?
 Of course I will show you what I bought today. But I'm not going to show you that in pictures anymore. As you may already know, recently I've made a youtube account. That's the reason why I'm going to vlog! This is my first shoplog, so I hope you'll all like it!

At least I'll show you a picture of what I wore today:

Well, that's it for today! Sleep well you all <3

Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

vrijdag 20 januari 2012

Hi guys!
Today I finished my last exam, hurray!! After that I went shopping, haha I know I'm a shopaholic.. *shame*. After that I went to a restaurant with people from my school and it was really nice! We ate pizza, unfortunately not New York Pizza.. =[

When I finally came home, I went to the gym. It was really necesarry, because the last time I was in the gym was like 2 weeks ago.. (or more)

Haha look what I had made from my yogurt:

I will tell you all soon what I bought today, but tomorrow I'm also going to shop with Barbara, so I will post that tomorrow.

Lots of love,
Elo <3

donderdag 19 januari 2012

The most important things are the hardest to say

Hi guys!
I hope you all understood why I wasn't posting for a while.. But tomorrow is my last exam, so then I'll start posting again!

Well, soon there will be a shoplog, because this weekend I'm going to shop with my friend Barbara. I'm already looking forward to it! But.. right now I still have to concentrate on my exam tomorrow. But it's the last one, hurray!!!! =D

I also have to admit that I'm feeling a little guilty right now. I had a fight with my little brother tonight. And deep inside of my heart I know I love him, but sometimes..... $#@$#!@@!!! Haha I guess a lot of you guys have trouble with your brothers, sisters or other family (like your parents!). But it's just not easy to be nice when the other person is being mean to you. I'm not saying that I'm the good one, he would feel the same way about me. But always when I'll apologize to my brother he's still being angry for a while.. So do I have to apologize or should I just wait and act nice for a while?

I just don't know.. All I know is that I don't like fight. I even HATE fights with the people who are dear to me! So.. I'm going to sleep now. I hope you'll leave a comment and have a good night!

Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

Made by me, click on it!

Ps. Click on the picture from me and my brother, I've made this animated picture by myself, hahaha you should see it!!

woensdag 11 januari 2012

Hi guys,
You know some days you just don't want to do your homework?
Well, I had that.. During the whole vacation..
So now I'm a little bit in trouble.
I have to study harder now, if I'll finish my books before the exams.
So that's why I'm not posting a lot.
I hope you all will understand!

xoxo Elo <3


dinsdag 10 januari 2012

Like my video?

Hi guys,
Today I've made a video about the things in my room. This video is also for people who don't speak Dutch. I hope you'll enjoy it! <3

If this video doesn't start.. Click over here

I hope you liked it! And I'll talk to you guys later =]
xoxo Elo <3

zondag 8 januari 2012

Hi guys,
A few days ago I started a youtube-channel. I decided to  place videos on youtube, because right now some of my videos don't work. So here are my first two vlogs! (Blogging on a video)

Vlog number 1
Does this introduction-vid not start? Then click over here

Vlog number 2
Does this vlog not start? click over here

I'm sorry, but these videos are only for Dutch people, because it's much easier for me to talk and be myself if I'm talking in Dutch. My posts will still be in English. And if you really want an English video once or twice, just let me know!

xoxo Elo <3

donderdag 5 januari 2012

One year toghether!

Today, 4 january 2012, Robin and I are one year together! <3
I had made a pie for him and also an photo album from us!

He gave me a photo frame with pictures of us and, with the sweetest poem I've ever read <3

It means something like this:

Dear Eline,
 We are already one year together,
 And we will be many more.
 Because despite our ups and downs,
We are still together.
 Your eyes shine like the stars, they're so beautiful
I feel happy every time I flatter you.
 You're mine that's a fact.
Not just nowbut forever!
Xx Robin
Omg, when I read this, I almost had to cry! He's the sweetest boyfriend in the whole wide world and I'll love him forever! Because he's the one who fits perfectly to me <3

xoxo Elo who's still totally in love <3

What is she doing?!

Allright, first I wanted to do my blog in English, then I decided to do my blog in Dutch and now my boyfriend told me that it was nice to do it in English, so I'm doing it in English haha!
I really suck in it, but I'm going to do my best.

Well, now I'm going to tell you something personal..
I didn't really like 2 people.. Their names are Timo and Maud.

Maud was an old friend of mine, who let me down. I thought it was really nasty from her, that she had let me down for her boyfriend. But it's a new year so I had decided to forgive her, for everything. That does not mean that we're friend again. No, I guess that's never going to happen anymore. But it does mean that I've sent her a text message: "I've decided to forgive the people that have been hurting me in 2011, now it's a new year and I hope you'll have a happy 2012".

Timo is also an old friend of mine. We were best friends. I was best friends with him and Robin. Then I got into a relationship with Robin.. And he didn't really liked that.. He said mean thing to my boyfriend about breaking up and stuff.. That really hurts.. He was also in love with me. But I've also text him: "Let's forget about the past. We were once best friends, and I hope we can still be friends and act nice to each other".

Why am I doing this? These people were really mean to me!!?
Yes, that's right. But I've also said and did things that I'm not proud of. Timo is still Robin his best friend, so I have to see him a lot. Deep inside of me, I know he's a good person. So, I decided to give him another chance. We all deserve another change. And he decided to give me another change as well.

Maud ignored my text. But I don't care. I also know that she is a good person. It hurts a little when I think about the happy tmes that we have. She really was my BEST friend in the whole wide world. But I guess some things are not meant to be forever. That's oke. As long as I know that the anger is over.

It feels good to forgive people. It's hard, but sometimes it's for the better!

So my good intentions for 2012 are:
- Coming up for myself.
- Forgive people.
- Let go of the people who don't belong in your life anymore.
- Spend less money, haha!

Well, I would like to hear all of your good intensions for 2012!


Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

maandag 2 januari 2012

Ja daar is ze weer!

xoxo Elo <3

Eerste Nederlandse post

Oke.. maar in ieder geval was ik dus even aan het brainstormen enzo..
Maar daar kan ik lang en saai over schrijven, maar ik doe het dus lekker in een filmpje.
Dus.. KIJK MAAR! =]

xoxo Elo <3

Dissapointed chick.

Hi people who are reading this!
I don't like the fact.. no, I HATE the fact that no one ever leaves a comment, that really sucks.
So.. My English is really bad and I'm not going to post in English anymore, I'm going to post in my motherlanguage DUTCH!! Because the Netherlands rules hurraayyyyy <3

Een dikke Hollandse kus zoen smakker van Eline de kakker!
Naja eigenlijk ben ik geen kakker maar je snapt em wel


Hi guys,
Lately I've been wondering if someone is ever reading my blog..
I never get a comment or something..
And that's not really a nice thing if you're doing your best to post nice things.
If you think my posts are not nice, that's oke, but LET ME KNOW
Because I don't really think that I'm able to keep going like this, if no one is ever reading or listening to what I'm say or write.
So it would be nice if someone would write my first comment in 2 months..

xoxo Elo
Hi guys!
My new years eve was amazing! How was yours?
Haha look I had kissed my boyfriend at 00:00!


Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3