donderdag 8 december 2011

Terrible morning

Hi guys,
This morning was really terrible. First, I woke up 10 minutes before my alarm clock, because I was awakened by the screams of my parents and sister.. Then I tried to sleep again, but I wasn't able to sleep because my parents were STILL screaming. When the screaming was finally over, I wanted to sleep again but then the hardcore alarm of my brother went on! After his hardcore alarm, I tried to relax a little on my bed, but no.. then my OWN alarm went on! After that I really had to use the toilet, but my brother was taking a shower, so I pulled hard at the door gangs. Luckily he let me in.. Pfff... You think that's how my morning went? Well, take the time, because there's more..

My stepmother stormed into my room to ask me if I had her car keys. Like dude, I can't use her car keys, so why would I steal them?! So I said no, but she didn't believe me (as always) and went searching trough my stuff. Then she went downstaires and came less than two minutes later back, to search again.. To which I said: "You won't find them here, I don't have your car keys!". Then she walked away angrily and 10 minutes later I received an SMS from her: "Clean your room today! No other things other than school." As if I'm a child of 6 years old!! I'm almost 18!!

After that terrible morning, things were getting better. I had met a friend of my old school, I thought it was very pleasant to talk to her again! Then I had an idle hour school.. After that I went to my boyfriend to give him a hug <3 And then I wanted to go home, but of course I had taken the wrong subway.. So it took a really long time..

When I finally got home, I went to work on my project. Then I was called to dinner and it was actually quite nice, only when I went back upstairs, my stepmother suddenly said: "Now go clean your room, Eline! Otherwise Robin is not allowed to sleep here, and you're not allowed to sleep at his home either this weekend!". Well, I cleaned my room, but I think it's not normal to be treated this way. I'm almost grown up and then they treat me like I'm a little child! And then threatened with Robin too! I think that's really bad.. I know she doesn't like my boyfriend, but it is MY boyfriend!! Pff.. But I already know now that if I would tell her this, she would be very very angry. So I'd rather not do that..

Haha, I think you've at least red enough for today xD Sorry guys, but I really had a terrible morning! I do feel a lot better now that I've written it off from me! Thanks for reading, you guys are great! <3

Hihi, I will finish my post with a nice thing, namely with the clothes I was wearing today! I thought I looked very nice today, hihi! Sometimes you're allowed to say something positive about yourself right? ;)

 Well I guess that's it for today! Lots of love,
xoxo Elo <3

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