vrijdag 9 december 2011

Goodafternoon lovely visitors <3
Last night I was really bored, so I started Photoshop and began to work with it. Haha, the result isn't really realistic, but I think it lookes funny, hihi!

Chilling in my backyard

Haha, I'm not really good with Photoshop, but I do like it! I think I'll soon follow a Photoshop-course. Well, my morning wasn't awesome today, but I was (luckily) not a terrible morning! =]

Right now I'm bored at school. I've finished all the assignments of the computer class. So I thought: Let's go blogging! Hihi, I'm really looking forward to tonight, because then I'll stay at Barbara's place. We're going to make dinner together and sleep less, haha! Unfortunately, I have to work the next day from 10:00 till 15:00, so I predict that I'll be tired tomorrow..

Hihi, but let me show you what I'm wearing right now:

I'll talk to you later today! Lots of love and hugs from, me! <3

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