donderdag 22 december 2011

Hi guys,
Today I woke up and went to school. I hand in my project and made a exam, which went totally great! After school I went home, but when I was almost at the right bus stop I realized that I had lost my BlackBerry!! OMG did somebody steal it? Did I dropped it somewhere in Amsterdam?

I went to my boyfriend with my laptop and stuff and wwe immediately went looking for it on BlackBerry protect, which saved my life! With BlackBerry protect you can send a message to your BB, block your BB, delete everything on your BB and most of all, you can see where your BB is!

So we were waiting for the position of my BB.. It was in our town! 3 minutes away! Not in Amsterdam yes! But we had cheered to early, because it was moving! I had lost my BB in the bus! So I went to the bus stop with Robin his BB and travelled with another bus. At the same time, Robin called me (his own BB) with his home phone. After almost an hour I was at the right bus stop. I had to wait for only 2 minutes untill the bus would arrive.

I got in the bus and ask the bus driver if he had found a BB. He said no and I told him: "Well, oke this is the bus where my BB is". He looked weird at me, because he obviously didn't understand how I could know that my BB was on this bus! So I went to the back, where I was sitting a few hours ago and told those people that my BB was there.

Oh, I forgot something! With BB protect, you're also allowed to let your BB make a loud sound. So I turned it on and we luckily heard a sound! It came from the back of the bus-chairs! I was so happy when I had my BB back!!

Hihi, after I had found my BB everybody wanted to know what BB protect was and where you could download it. So basically I have been advertising for BB protect and again right now!

But I'm really honest with you, it really is a good app to download on your BB!  You can download it right here. The only thing that you have to do is making an account and log in. But it is really worth it! Especially when you're a little like me.. Only this week I've lost my keys, my BB and my gloves! Besides those things I had also forgot to lock my bicycle twice, so I forgot the key in the lock of my bicycle! And yesterday, I also had got a fine, because I had no light on my bicycle..

I'm not really smart sometimes.. So if you're also not really smart sometimes and if you're also losing everything, then BB protect is really something for you! Well, not if you have another mobile.

Hahaha after all this trouble, I went to the gym to sh'bam and we had a great time, as always! They thought it was really something for me to lose my BB in a bus.

Well, I think I'm going to sleep, but first I'll show you the nailpolish I'm wearing right now and the clothes that I wore today:

Good night you all! I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo Elo <3

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