woensdag 21 december 2011

Hi guys,
Yesterday I felt really sick and I had to threw up. After that my brother was so lovely to help me search for mouthwash. We went to our parents room and my brother told them that I had been throwing up. I said: "Maybe it's because of the prawn" (because I was late for dinner, they were outside the fridge for half an hour) My stephmother said: "No, It's not because of the prawn". Me: "Well, maybe because they were out of the fridge?" Stephmother: "I don't want to hear anything more about you! I'm fed up with you!". Me: "Why? That's not really nice". She: "That's right, and I'll never be nice to you again!".

I was really shocked. I know we don't really like each other sometimes, but this is just not normal.. My dad was right next to her when she was being mean and he said nothing! I don't want to be here anymore! I had cried so much last night.. Because of them, because everything is not how it should be...

Well, this morning things went better. I wasn't ill anymore, so I went to school. After school me and Robin travelled together to our homes, but first we ate at the "Vork", haha! I know you guys are now like: "WTF! again?!". Hihi, yes again! *ashamed* But it was really nice and I like being with him as long as possible!

Then I went to my home, I  had made some homework and had New York Pizza for dinner! All bad, I know.. But I love junkfood! 

After that I thought: Well, it's Wednesday, so I'm going to dance tonight yeah! Burn that fat! But when I was almost outside, I (luckily) called Sanne: "I'm there in 5 minutes". Then she asked me: "Why?". Me: "We're going to dance right?!". She: "It's Tuesday..". Me: "OMG!".

Hahaha, so I forgot it was Tuesday! Silly me again haha! Well, for the rest I have been busy with my project all the time. BUT... I'm finished now!!! Hell yeah!! Party!!

So tomorrow I'll hand it in and then the holiday is almost there! Oh wait... I have an exam for tomorrow!! Omg.. I'm really being silly today, pffff...

Well I'm going to learn for that exam, and then I'm going to sleep (finally!). But first I'll show you the outfit that I wore today!

Lots of love, and sleep well!
xoxo Elo <3

Ps.I've put some Christmas songs in the playlist on the right. Hihi,to get in the Christmas spirit!

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