vrijdag 23 december 2011

Hi guys,
As you all might have heared, I had put christmassongs on my playlist! I love christmassongs! They are always so happy and beautiful. I also wanted to add "Jingle bell rock", but I wasn't allowed to find a nice version of it.. So I had made my own video from "Jingle bell rock"! Haha, singing by me, so enjoy! <3

Hihi, I meant it when I said "Merry Christmas everyone!". You all mean a lot to me, because you're reading my story's and that's why I keep blogging, because of you! And yes.. a little for myself because I like to show people what I'm doing haha!

Well today I went shopping in Hoofddorp! I had bought a lot of Christmas stuff, because I'm going to make christmas cards for the people that I'm with on the Christmas days. So.. I'm not going to show you something from my Christmas stuff, because those things are presents for a few people. And those people are also reading my blog, so that's not a good idea..

But I've bought more than only presents! But before I'll show you what I'e bought today, I'll show you what I wore today:

Well, now I'll show you all the stuff I had bought:

I've bought a white blouse (underneath both sweaters), a green and a blue sweater. The white blouse and the blue sweater are from the H&M and the green sweater is from the Vero Moda.

 On the left picture, you can see 2 pants, both from the Sting and on the picture on the left you can see a pyjamapants from the Primark. This one is really really soft! And only 6 euros! =]

On the left picture you can see a red lingerie top from the H&M, that was a present for him because it's Christmas haha! And on the right you'll see stuff from the Kruidvat. I've bought 2 deodorants from "So... kiss me" and "So... Superstar", a batiste dryshampoo, 2 nailpolishes from essence and finally 2 lipstains from NYC.

After my shoppingday, I went to La place at the V&D and I had a sort of dinner. I ate a cream cheese bread, which always tastes heavenly!

OMG I'm hungry again!
Well, I guess that's it for today, I'll talk to you all tomorrow!
Lots of love,
Elo <3

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