zondag 11 december 2011

My weekend

Hi guys,
You all enjoyed your weekend? Well I did! As you all know, I stayed at Barbara's place friday night and it was really nice to see her again! I had missed her and we had so much fun together! Her parents were on a holiday, so we had to cook for ourself! Well, We didn't really cook.. But we had a wunderful dinner!

Dinner time!

After our appetizer, we
ate applesauce with a little cinnamon over it
Our appetizer was a baguette with lettuce, salmon, a little pepper and salt.

Our main course were delicious pancakes!

And our dessert was Viennetta icecream, it was delicious!

After that we slept for a couple of hours and after that I had to work from 10:00 till 15:00. Unfortunately, because I rather wanted to have fun with Barbara =[ But after work I went to her house to pick up my stuff and stayed there for another couple of hours. We ate the icecream that was left from yesterday, did our nails and had fun! After that, Barbara went to a party and I went to Robin.

So that Saturdaynight I had dinner at Robin's place. We watched comedy central and after that we went upstaires and a few hours later we fell asleep. Sunday morning we had breakfast, we took a shower and we had diner again. For diner we ate fries and they were delicious! After dinner Robin had to work from 18:00 till 22:00 and I stayed at his place. I had talked a lot with his parents and little sister, they are like a family to me. I love them!

About 21:45 his sister had to sleep so I read a book for her. I thought it was really nice to do! There's only one thing.. I really like his little sister so it's hard for me to say no when she wants to hear another section from the book. She also wanted me to make braids in her hair and I did, because I like making braids. But she slept to late.. So it's not really good to say yes all the time!!

After Robin's little sister went to bed, Robin came home and brought me home. I'm always really thankfull when he's bringing me home. I think he is the most sweetest person on earth!

Hihi, so now I'm at home in my bed. I'm very tired right now, but I had to post this before it wasn't weekend anymore! So now I did! =]

I hope you all enjoyed my weekend, and also yours! I love you guys!
xoxo Elo <3

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