zaterdag 3 december 2011

How to make gift wrapping from a plastic bag + very personal

Good evening you all <3
Well, today I went to my mother with my brother. We went with the public transport. And of course we took a picture together! Hihi, we also eat at the Burger king!

I knew I would receive gifts from my mom (For "Sinterklaas"). Then I thought: why do they only buy presents for us? So I thought it would be nice of me to buy also presents for them! There was only one big problem. I didn't had gift wrapping, but this brought me on a very funny and cheap idea!

- Scissors                           
                  - A plastic bag (with a nice print on it)

How to make gift wrapping from a plastic bag:

First cut off the handles and the bottom

Then cut the sides off

Now you'll have 2 pieces of gift wrapping!

The only thing you have to do is wrap your gift!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I invented this tutorial by myself and didn't pick it up from another site. I secretly think it's a good idea, hihi! And my mom was very happy with the candle that was in it!

Lots of love,
Elo <3

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