vrijdag 2 december 2011

Good afternoon lovely visitors,
Today, I should drop off my brother at his school, so I got up early. At the last moment, my father had the "perfect idea" to bring him by himself.. Very nice.. NOT!

I don't really like my father anymore.. I know it's very hard to say, but he's making it very hard for me. He told me that, if there was a fight between me and Marion (his wife) he would choose Marion.. And he told me that he wished that I was unable, because then I had a reason to be not normal.. Well I think those things are horrible things to tell your doughter. Besides that there is always a fight at home and I always get all the blame.. I feel much better at my mom and at the family of Robin. Tonight, I go to my mom, so this morning when there was a fight again, I went to Robin his home.

I was really happy again when I was there! Yesterday, I've received a chocolate letter from the mother of Robin, so I had bought her a flower. She was very pleased with it! =]

Hihi, then I went to my dear Robin in bed and we slept for almost one hour. Then he went to school and I went to the primary school of his little sister.

Yes, to primary school! Because for a project (form school) I had to survey children between the age of 9-12. The name of the school is "The Ark". The children were very busy, but I thought it was really funny to do! (for once)

Now I'm back home in an empty house. Well empty .. My stepmother is there, but she is not always that nice to me, so I'll stay in my room.

After this post I'll probably pack my suitcase for this weekend at my mom. When my brother's school is finished, we'll take the public transportation to my mom. I'm already excited!

I just don't know what kind of clothes I need to bring.. Because Sunday I've also have a party and I really need to find some nice clothes in my closet!
I predict that, after looking in my closet, my room will be a mess!

Hihi, at least I'll show you what I wore today:

Hahaha, I've scratched my head on the right picture, because on that picture my face looked really really sleepy! Well, I'll talk to you soon!
xoxo Elo <3

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