zaterdag 3 december 2011

New in: Black Uggs

Today when I arrived at my mom, I knew I could finally wear my black uggs! My little sister (Jazz) had hidden my Uggs under my bed, hihi! I've made ​​some pictures:
Yeah, Uggs package on my bed!

The real label

You like my new black Uggs? I do!
 I'm really happy with my black Uggs! I'm wearing them right now. They are very comfortable and very soft from the inside. I love my new shoes <3

Hihi, after receiving my Uggs and open my package, we all went downstaires to sit in front of the fireplace. We've also watched "The voice of Holland" and after that, we talked a lot! Not that it was boring or something, not at all! I really liked the talk with my mom. I love her <3
Look how comfortable!
Well, that's it for today! Tomorrow we will celebrate Sinterklaas, so I will receive presents, yeah! I will take a picture of all my presents, I promise! I'm pretty excited and also a little tired now, so I'll go to my sisters room (that's where I'll sleep tonight). Talk to you soon!
xoxo Elo <3

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