donderdag 15 december 2011

Good evening dear visitors <3
Well, first I'll show you what I wore today, and then I'll tell you my story of today!

When I wanted to go to school this morning, I received a text message from my mother: "Will you let me know what time you're here?". I forgot that I would go to my mother! Today was the dance of my little sister (Jazz)! Luckily, I had some time before the bus came and So I quickly grabbed all my stuff..

Today me and Robin would go to school together. I walked to his home and there he took me with him on his bicycle. I always like it when we're traveling together! I'm still really in love with him! <3

When I got to school, I had a presentation. I had to keep the presentation with Jose. Jose is a girl from my project group. She was really mean to me. She had ignored all my questions about the presentation. So I had to make the presentation on my own.. So I had to do everything. But when I had finished the presentation, she told me that I did nothing!! After that, she olso told me that I was childish just because she is 20 and I'm 17.. It's rather the other!

Well, when I had survived my presentation, I began my 2 hour journey to my mother. Along the way I asked a girl with blonde hair where the bus stop was. She walked with me, because she had to go to the same direction. We had talked for an hour and it was great fun! I only don't know her name, haha! However, I think it's crazy that you can have a friendly conversation with a stranger and after that you'll never see them again..

When I had arrived my last stop, I saw an old friend from elementary school: Nadia. She told me that I had become very pretty haha. I saw her for the first time in 5 years again!
When I had arrived my mothers home, I talked with Jazz and less than a few hours later, she had to eat because she had to go to the dance performance earlierAn hour later we had dinner and then we went to the dance performance as well. I had been braiding her hair, want to see?

It was very nice and cute to see her dance. I didn't knew she was so good! I'm a really proud sister, hihi! She is sleeping right now and tomorrow we will be rehearsing a dance together, which is always fun!
Now I'm dipping chocolate in hot milk. Hmmm, that's delicious! Haha, I've received chocolate lollipops for dipping into it! Try this at home:

Well that's it for today! Take care and sleep well =]
Lots of love,
Elo <3

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