maandag 28 november 2011

My morning in pictures

Hi guys!
This morning I've made some pictures that I really like to share with you.
I woke up and then I went downstaires. First, I had made 2 pictures to show you all what I wore today, I've made them on the staires because there's a big mirror and then you can see my whole outfit =]

After I had made those pictures, I had breakfast and took the key to unlock the door, because there was a big fat cat, looking like Garfield, waiting for me.

Meet Coco, he's my cat and he's very fat,
he eats everything (I'm seriously!).
He eats tomatoes, cucumber, peas
and once I saw him eating a caramel sweet!
Let me in, let me in, please it's cold outside!
After I let him in, he went, of course, straight to his food bowl, which was empty. He looked at me with sad eyes and even though he had been eating this morning, I gave him some catfood. After that, he immediately started growling <3

Then I went outside. Brrr... it was cold outside. I though my hair looked really nice today, so I've made another picture, hihi! Dagmar told me that I look like a hairy monster on that picture, well thanks! xD


Lots of love,
Elo <3

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