maandag 28 november 2011

Goodafternoon sweet visiters <3

This morning I had to go to school and I was really looking forward to it.. NOT!!
I think everyone is really nice from my class, but there are a few mean girls. Well, those girls are in my project group, lucky me.. They drive me insane sometimes! Their lifes consist of tearing other people down. Now you know what, or should I say who, are my problem.
But let's see the positive side of my story: Still a few weeks, and we'll get other project groups! Today I had to wake up at 9:30 and for once, there was nothing against the public transport! <3
Besides that, are the nicest people in this world, my best friends and boyfriend! Let me introduce you:

Barbara Scholtus
She is always kind and lovely  to everyone, she has got beautiful hair, an amazing style and she is one of my best friends! I'm always happy when I'm with her <3


Dagmar Zaal
I've met her when I was on a vacation with my boyfriend (in France). She is really, really funny, I'm always laughing with her. And if we're toghether, we take the word "crazy" to a higher level. Dagmar is also one of my best friends! <3

Robin Visser
This boy has changed my life, I've never met a boy who's as kind, lovely, funny, sensitive, handsome and smart as he is. 04-01-2011 is the date that we started a relationship and since that day, I'll never let him go! He's not only my boyfriend, but he's also my best male friend in the whole wide world! <3

I'm really happy when I see these pictures, because these people have a really big place in my heart, they always make me happy! <3

Lots of love,
Elo <3

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