woensdag 14 december 2011

Something terrible happend

Good evening dear visitors <3
There's something terrible happened tonight! But before I'm going to tell you about that, I'll tell you how my evening/afternoon went.

What I was wearing today:

Today me and my projectgroup had our first day of shooting for our project! Our project is about making a tv-program for children between 9-12. We have to make a pitch movie, that's a sort of trailer for our show. So today was our first day of filming children on a primary school. I was really excited! Excually I wanted to be the presenter of our show.. But all those girls of my projectgroup wanted T. (a leader-girl from my projectgroup) to be our presenter. I should have known they wouldn't pick me. But luckily my dad had a good camera, so I was allowed to film! And I think that's also an important and nice job =]

After filming for a few hours in Amsterdam, we went back to our homes. My boyfriend texted me if I wanted to go with him to the snackbar. Haha we're sooo romantic! But of course I wanted to eat fries with him! So we had a date at 17:00. I would go to his house and then we would go to the"Vork" (our snackbar) to have dinner together. But I was bored and it wasn't even 16:00 yet, so I had made a few pictures with my cat, unfortunately something terrible happend this night so that's why I only have one picture left. Let's take a look:

Hihi it's almost like I'm holding my cat with just one hand! But of course you all knew it was fake, right?

Allright, so now I'm going to tell you what the fuck happend this night. I wanted to back-up the stuff on my laptop. So I connected an external drive to it and searched for the icon of my external drive. I wasn't really able to find an icon on my laptop, but eventually I thought I had found it.. "OS (C:)". Well that's it I thought. I wanted to delete everything on the external drive first, and then back up my stuff. But.. I didn't delete things on my external drive.. I deleted things on my LAPTOP! So I was looking for my documents.. And they were all gone!!!

First I was in shock. I was thinking OMG OMG OMG I did something stupid again! All my pictures with my friends and boyfriend, of our vacation and with my family OMG they are all gone!! I'm so stupid, I wish I had never deleted anything!!

But then I thought.. My dear boyfriend Robin, he's good, no excually amazing, with computers! So I called him and he said he wanted to help me! I was so happy! But he told me that I had to turn my laptop off IMMEDIATELY and go to his place. So I did and he already had a program installed for me. But.. he was not sure if it would work. So he did some things on my laptop and then we had to wait for like 1 hour. I was so nervous! What if he was not allowed to take all my pictures back?! 

He was really nice to me, like always. He gave me a hug and told me that he thought it would be oke. And when the program was almost completed (99%) we prayed that I would be oke. And it was!! 

Omg I've never been so happy!! Maybe it's weird, but my pictures are my memories, they really mean a lot to me and now I got them back!! And that's all because of my lovely boyfriend!! He's absolutely amazing and in my eyes he's perfect <3 

I'm still happy right now. I will never, never, never delete something on my "OS (C:)", which means Operating System. Something like: "If you'll delete things on this, you'll never get it back, unless you have a lovely boyfriend with the name Robin".

Haha so he really made my day! He's my hero <3 

Well now I'm really tired and tomorrow I have to film again for our project, so i have to wake up early.
Oh and if you hadn't read my post before and you did the same stupid thing as I did (removing things from your OS). Then search for someone who's really handy with computers and let him download "Pandora Recovery", this is the program Robin had used for my laptop!

Lots of love and I repeat.. NEVER remove important things from your OS!
xoxo Elo <3

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