vrijdag 30 december 2011

How to make sausage rolls? (10 pieces)

- 1 egg
- 1 package puff pastry
- 1 tin of sausages
- a knife
- a brush (for the egg)
- a fork
- an oven

How to prepare:
You start by washing your hands and lay out the ingredients. Are you sure you have everything? Then we can start!

First you need the tin of sausages, the package puff pastry and the egg

Remove the puff pastry from the package, open de tin of sausages and break the egg in a bowl.

 Stir the egg together with the brush

Remove the plate from the oven and place the puff pastry on it. Place the plate, with the puff pastry, back in the oven, while the oven pre-heated (200 degreas) for 2 minutes.
Then remove the plate from the oven. You'll see that the puff pastry isn't hard anymore.

 Take the knife and cut the puff pastry in 4 pieces.

Now wrap the pieces puff pastry around the sausages.
 Once you're ready, place the sausages on the plate.

 I still had a few puff pastry, so I decided to also use those, but this time with chocolate and cheese.
  If you still have some pices of puff pastry, feel free to wrap these around your chocolate/cheese-roll.

 Now you've almost finished all of your rolls, lay them down on your plate.

 Lubricate the egg over the rolls.

 Put the plate in the oven for 20 minutes (200 degrees).
If you remove the plate from the oven, your rolls have to look like this. They should be fried golden brown.
Bon appetit!
 I hope you enjoyed this cooking-tutorial!
Lots of love,
Elo <3

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