maandag 19 december 2011

Hi guys,
This morning I woke up with my lovely Boyfriend <3 We had breakfast together and after that, my mother texted me: "Do you want to come to Artur his performance?". Artur is my stephfather, he can sing very well and of course I wanted to come! So my mother picked me up and we went to his performance. His performance was in the middle of a garden center. Let's take a look:

After watching his performance and applauding, I went to Robin his house to have dinner with him. We ate fries and they were delicious! And there was something sad.. The mouse of his little sister died =( She needed to cry and I feel really sorry for her.. It's not fair, a few days ago another mouse of her died. And she was always treating the mouses well!

After diner I went to my grandparents. It's really stupid, but I forgot that I should be there at 15:00, but because of my stephfather his performance I forgot all about it.. So I went later to them. It was very nice. The whole family was there. I hope Robin is allowed to be there next time, but he had to work tonight, that's why he didn't come. Hihi, they had found a picture of the grandchildren. Look I'm the one on the right, hahahhaha!

After all that I had made some homework and now I'm going to sleep in Robin his shirt (which he forgot). It smells like him! I love it when I smell him on a shirt, haha!

Well, before I'll sleep, I'll show you what I wore today:

Well that's it for today, see you tomorrow!
Lots of love,
Elo <3

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