donderdag 29 december 2011

My Christmas!

Hi guys!
The last days I have been very busy. But this bitch is back! Haha I'll show and tell you a few things about my Christmas! Here we go:

Before Christmas eve, I had to work on Saturday from 8 till 12. I wasn't really looking forward to it.. So I had pulled on the loosest pants that I could find in my closet. The red lipstain from yesterday was (of course) still on my lips, haha!

After work I changed for the night! I went cosmic bowling with the guys. Cosmic bowling is like.. Disco bowling! Haha so this is what I wore:

Haha Cosmic bowling was awesome! We had a great time but.. There was only one thing that wasn't really nice.. And that's the fact that I really SUCK in bowling haha! Of course we took some pictures:

It was an awesome Christmas eve! After that evening, I went with Robin to his place. We had watched TV and I had made a picture with his lovely sister Sanne haha!

I stayed there and the next afternoon I took another couple of pictures with Sanne and Eline (Robin his sisters)

After taking pictures with them, I went to my dear friend Barbara to have first Christmasdinner at her place. I was really nice to be there! Her family is always really nice to me, and so is she!

I'd stayed at Barbara and the next morning I already had to go to the Christmasbrunch with Robin and his family, it was also really fun! And delicious and OMG.. there was a chocolate fountain!!

After the whole day celebrating Christmas with everyone, I went to my own house and slept in my own bed hihi! The next day me and Robin went to my mum to celebrate the last (not official) Christmas day (third Christmas day). I gourmet for the second time this Christmas haha! But this time at my mum, and we also had a chocolate fondue! =D

Haha so now you all now why I was so busy this Christmas! Me and Robin had stayed at my mum and today we went back to my house. We ate (of course) New York Pizza, haha! And my parents are on a holiday now, so we have the house for ourselves!! So we will live together for 3 days! I'm also going to cook for him! <3 But.. within a few weeks I have a lot of exams.. So I also have to study.. Hurray..

Now I'm going to sleep, Robin is still gaming downstaires and tomorrow I'll wake up in his arms! <3
I hope you also had a great Christmas!
Lots of love,
Elo <3

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