zondag 27 november 2011

Goodmorning guys!
Haha or should I say good afternoon? I just woke up with my boyfriend. We had breakfast and now he's wathing tv AGAIN!! Who invented the tv? Well, sometimes it's really nice to sit down and watch a movie or something. But it's really boring if your boyfriend is watching a soccermatch on tv and you're sitting next to him like: Wtf am I doing here?

Look it's a picture from me, which I made because I'm bored haha!
Say hello to miss sleepyhead!
Luckily for me he's got a little sister who's always kind and lovely to me! Her name is also Eline, that's sometimes quite complicated, haha! Eline is making a suprise for a classmate and I'm helping her. I like making suprises! But unfortunately my family doesn't do suprises this year. The only thing we do is making a poem for eachother. A poem that's at least 15 lines long. So it takes 10 minutes to listen to a poem from ONE person, if you're with about 20 people, it takes 10x20=200, which is 3 hours and 20 minutes! Luckily for me my family is really nice so of course I'll survive! And I guess there will be cookies!!

OMG the match is over! So I'm actually allowed to talk to my boyfriend again, haha!

Talk to you guys soon!
xoxo Elo <3

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