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How to get rid of a broken heart

Good evening dear visitors,
Before I start on this subject, let me just tell you that everything is oke between me and Robin, don't think my relationship is over. I just know how it feels when your heart is broken.

The reason that I want to talk about how to get rid of a broken heart with you is, because a friend of mine (not necessarily one of my best friends) has got a broken heart. I think it's very sad for her, and even though I've found my true love now, I know how it feels when you're heart is broken. It really, really, really hurts.


How to get rid of a broken heart

1. Talk about it!
If someone you care about, breaks your heart, you're a mess. A real big mess. The only things that will help are crying and talking. Tell your best friend(s) everything about how you feel, maybe you will make them crazy, but when they are REAL friends, they will comfort you no matter what.
WARNING: Don't tell everyone about your broken heart, there's a big chance that your
ex-lover will find out. And the last thing you want is perceive like a weak and desperate person.

2. Burn it down!
With "burn it down", I'm not telling you to burn his house down, but what does help, is to burn, trow away or at least destroy ALL the things that remind you of him. I know from experience that this works, because when you're walking into your room and find his scarf, for example, lying on your desk, you'll immediately think of him and be sad.
WARNING: If you're really going to burn all the stuff that reminds you of him, DON'T I repeat DON'T do that inside of your home! (I did that once..)

3. Delete that bitch!
There's a song of Ashley Tisdale called "Delete You". And that's exactly what you need to do! Remove him from twitter, facebook, hyves, flickr, etc. And of course, block him! Then you're not able to read all those messages that he receives from girls.

4. Listen and cry..
it might sound a little depressive, but basically you are a little depressed right now. It really helps to feel sorry for yourself an being sad about him SOMETIMES! Tissues check, love songs check and you're ready to listen and cry! After crying you often feel much better and relieved.

5. Be nice
With being nice, I'm not telling you that you need to be nice to him. I'm telling you to be nice to you! Never, never, never blame yourself for the fact that he was stupid enough to let you go! You're so much better without him! You're pretty, smart, always treating your best friends right! Go look in the mirror and say to yourself that you're pretty, smart and to good for him! Maybe the first time you'll say it you think: OMG Eline with her stupid things.. But after 10, 20 or maybe 100 times it will work!
What also works: Listen the song "It's allright, it's oke" from Ashley Tisdale. This song is exactly what you need!

6. Treat yourself!
That dress you saw in that store, that chocolate bar, buy it for yourself! You're allowed to pamper yourself at this difficult time! Write your feelings down on a paper, sing a song really loud or go for a run (good to burn the calories from that chocolate bar).

7. Say yes!
If your friends ask you out, it is tempting to say no, because you would rather want to be alone. However, you better say yes, because you can really use some distraction! Even if a guy asks you out, just say yes! Let him know that you have a broken heart, because if you're not telling that, there's a chance that he will also end up with a broken heart. And maybe this guy is the one you've always dreamed about! Maybe you're not in love right now, but love can come unexpectly.

So, go watch some girlpowermovies, listen to the song from Ashley Tisdale, go out as much as you can, chat with your friends untill they're going crazy, delete everything that reminds you of him and be really, really nice to yourself! Because you deserve it! <3

Lots of love, and I hope your heart will be unbroken soon. But keep in mind, healing takes time!

xoxo Elo <3

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