maandag 5 december 2011

Good evening lovely's <3
Today, I've celebrated Sinterklaas with the other half of my family. At my mom I had already received a lot, but at my family in "Woerden", I received really nice shoes from my aunt, because she doesn't fit them anymore. I also received a pair of leather gloves from my cousin. Hihi, I'll just show you clearly what I've received:

On this picture, you can see almost all the things that I've received this Sinterklaas.

The shoes that I've recieved from my lovely aunt!

And the clothes hanger, which my little sister Jazz made for me <3

So this is what I've received this year:
A white mannequin
Blue cloves
Red cloves
Black leather clothes
3 chocolate letters
A watch
A ring
Black leather boots
Black uggs
An advance calendar
A clothes hanger for jewelry
A fake blue flower to put on a dress or something
A blue glitterdress
A red circle scarf
A bracelet
2 necklaces

I can conclude from this list full of gifts, that I've been very sweet this year! I'm very spoiled by Sinterklaas, but (unfortunately) I won't go (with Robin) ​​to Spain in his big bag!

Lots of love and talk to you soon,
xoxo Elo <3

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