zaterdag 26 november 2011

Hi guys!
I have to work today from 17:00 till 21:30. I always think it's very annoying to work at that time, because you are not allowed to get a dinner break. I'm always hungry at 19:00 and I think that's just unfair. I asked my boss if I could work from 16:00 till 21:30, because then you'll get a dinner break. They said they would call me back, but after waiting for an hour, I hadn't heard anything, so I called again and they told me that I wasn't allowed to work on that time.. Now I have to work four and a half hours. officially, you're allowed to have a coffee break when you work more than four hours, but I'm even not allowed to get that! This reduces my motivation .. I think I'll look for another job soon, because I don't like to be treated this way.

I work as a cashier now at the supermarket (Albert Heijn). First I've worked as a general (for 2 years), but now as a cashier, but not for long this time, that's already my good intention for next year!


So I hope I'll survive this time. Maybe I'll post something tonight, but I'm not really sure of that, because my boyfriend will pick me up after work and it's not really nice of me if I'm blogging all the time and he falls asleep because he thinks it's too boring!

Lots of love,
Elo <3

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